Would you like to become a Hoof Specialist?

hands-on training of Preventive Hoof Care students

At the moment, we offer one-on-one mentoring and clinics in New York.

The doors of our certified school will open next year upon approval by the Department of Education.

Our students learn the activity of a Preventive Hoof Care Specialist for independent professional practice which exclusively covers the treatment of bare hooves in horses.

The training curriculum provides flexibility to those that already have full-time jobs or other time constraints.



  • 16 two-day training seminars in theory and practice, 1 two-day dissection course

  • 2 exam weekends

  • Seminars once a month, on weekends or as arranged with class

  • Intermediate examination after 7 seminars 

  • Preparation of a report book with case studies as a prerequisite for the final examination 

  • Self-study, time for practice between seminars is mandatory, at least 3 days a week!


  • Ability to work independently and on one's own responsibility

  • Good physical condition, ability to work under pressure, endurance and communication skills

  • Time between seminars to gain an understanding of the complex issues and to study them continuously

  • Time between seminars to practice and continuously perfect the practical skills

  • Minimum age: 18 years

For the detailed training description and general information please contact us: