Cracks are symptoms of an imbalanced hoof situation. They will automatically grow out when the hoof starts to rehabilitate and changes its shape with the correct hoof treatment. The time period for this can vary greatly, depending on existing hoof deformations. Most cracks and splits are completely gone after the renewal of the hoof capsule, which takes about 11 months. If the coffin bone and its hoof continue to remodel after a year or the horse is forced to change load on the limb due to accompanying factors (e.g., osteoarthritis, tendon damage), the process takes longer. Constant changes in the hoof capsule have an impact on the hoof mechanics, which must be permanently controlled by the hoof specialist. The crack cannot grow out if the hoof shape is not rehabilitated yet. If the hoof has concomitant circumstances like defects in the bone structure, crena, keratomas or horn scars, then the journey can become challenging and long-lasting but not impossible. 

Case 1: 

IMG_9997 copy.JPG
IMG_0002 copy.JPG
IMG_9998 copy.JPG
IMG_9999 copy.JPG

6 months later:

IMG_5080 copy.JPG
IMG_5082 copy.JPG
IMG_5081 copy.JPG
IMG_0244 copy.JPG

Case 2:

IMG_4620 copy.JPG
IMG_4623 copy 2.jpg

4 months later:

IMG_0329 copy.HEIC
IMG_0328 copy.HEIC

7 months later:

IMG_1688 copy.HEIC
IMG_1687 copy.HEIC